Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jamies "almost' Lasagna and Yummy Garlic Bread

My friend Jamie introduced me to these 2 wonderful recipes....I love easy italian meals that I can whip up fast! The kids love it! I also love, love, love, love, garlic bread and this recipe is a fun twist! Enjoy!

Almost Lasagna

8 oz. barilla mostacccioli noodles
Cook in salted water according to directions. Drain and rinse with cold water.

1tsp. salt
1 tsp. garlic
1 lb. ground beef
1 tsp. pepper
1 bottle of your favorite spaghetti sauce

Cook hamburger with listed seasonings. Drain grease and then add spaghetti sauce. Cook until it starts to boil and take off heat.

1 C. cottage cheese
1 C. sour cream
1 C. grated cheddar cheese

Mix together and add to noodles.

Layer in 9 x 13 starting with meat. Sprinkle with cheddar cheese on top. Bake covered 350 for 30 minutes.

Cheesy bread

french bread loaf sliced in half
1/2 C. mayo
4 TBSP. butter, softened
dash of garlic salt
1/2 tsp. minced garlic
1 C. grated cheddar cheese

Combine and spread over bread. Bake at 400 until bubbly and crispy.

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