Monday, April 14, 2008


Thanks Stacey for this one! it is yummy!!!

2 loaves frozen bread dough (I used Rhodes)
8 pieces hard salami
1/2 lb ham
24 pieces small pepperoni
8 slices deli provolone cheese
8 oz shredded mozzerella cheese
italian seasoning

Thaw out bread dough and roll each out about 1 ft wide and 2 ft tall ( Mine didn't get this big and still worked wonderfully! It ended up being about 1 ft by 1 ft...). Lay all ingredients in a row down the middle of the dough. (I did provolone, meats, mozzerella). Fold the edges of the dough together so it's closed. Sprinkle a cookie sheet with corn meal and then lay the 2 stromboli's on it seam side down. Sprinkle top with italian seasoning. Cook at 350* for 20 minutes or until bread is all the way done, slightly golden on top. This makes 2 large strombolis - you can cook them both and then freeze one for another day (or for lunch the next day...). Tastes best dipped in pizza or spaghetti sauce.

**My changes: I spread garlic butter along the inside of the dough before I put in all my ingredients, and then I brushed melted butter over the top before I put on my italian seasoning,
SOOOOOO GOOD!!!*** It was yummy the next day too!

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